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Soon-Yi, not 15 for explicit pictures.

Originally Posted by Keith View Post
It just hit me: Pat reminds me of Spooky!

I never understood why anyone would argue with Spooky and his weird minutia.

Now here I am with Pat.

And Bucho, YOU I feel like I know. Where's my link? Where's your proof that those pictures were on the up and up? And who knows if there even WERE pictures?

Eat a dick.
Classic Keith. There's your opinion, which is whatever your immediate reaction was when you heard about a thing, and then there's weird minutia, which is any fact that contradicts your opinion.

I'm sorry to bore you (yaaawwwn, suddenly this subject is so boring!) with this weird minutia, but you claimed Soon-Yi was 15 when Woody took naked pictures of her, but according to the Washington Post she was 21.

A look back at the allegations against Woody Allen - The Washington Post


Visiting Allen’s apartment, Farrow discovers a set of nude, explicit photos Allen has taken of her 21-year-old adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn (her father is Farrow’s ex-husband, Andre Previn). The discovery precipitates their split.
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