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  1. Error is a noun. Err is a verb. Err on the side of caution or you'll make an error.
  2. Gas is a few hundred dollars per 1,000 cubic meters. Chemda is using a fraction of that. All the rest is markup. Heat rises, so let the downstairs people crank the heat. Over here, because it never occurred to anyone that people might have to pay for stuff, there is no way to shut off gas to a specific apartment, only whole buildings. If even one person is paying their bill, the gas stays on. Fuck me I guess for being responsible and paying my gas bill.
  3. Spanking is necessary to teach kids that sometimes there are physical consequences for their actions. I've only spanked my kids when they are doing something that would put them in danger, like running out in the road as I recall for my son once. I would probably spank them if I caught them doing something that was illegal and could land them in jail, like shoplifting or vandalizing or making molotov cocktails. I spanked my other son once for lighting matches in the kitchen. Its probably been a total of 10 times in 13 years with 3 kids. Chemda is right though: spanking needs to be done by a parent, not a third party. I've also found that intimidation works well with kids. Both of my sons have gotten to the point where I grabbed their chest and, in a one-handed curl motion, just lifted them up nose-to-nose with me. While they dangled there, helpless and unable to escape from authority, I pointed my other finger in their face and told them, "That's enough," and put them back down. It interrupts the behavior and puts a scare in them because they realize they are powerless. I only had to do it once for each son, and they both understand what "That's enough," means now. I expect it to continue until one of them can lift me up.
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