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Originally Posted by OnmyojiOmn View Post
Which is it that bothers you, ape? Not being able to beat your kids for no reason or not being able to beat your pets for no reason?
The thought process that any two year old or puppy will understand that what they are doing will kill them by telling them. The point to spanking is to inflict a small pain in order to avoid a much larger pain. I've never hit my kids or animals hard enough to leave marks, break anything or as much as I would hit an adult who called me an ape but have smacked them hard enough to stop them from touching my stove. Specially with puppys who have a much higher pain tolerence, not Keiths dog, in order to teach them to keep the razor sharp teeth from piercing my childs skin they need a smack.
Stop treating controlled spanking or a small smack like its a closed fist punch from an angry parent. Just because I spank my children does not mean they are abused. My kids are not afraid of me but they do respect the fact that they shouldn't touch the stove or run out into traffic.
Originally Posted by flerchin View Post
The SSgt has it exactly right.
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