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Long before Beck made quirky, hiphop-ish, dance tunes; he made an odd indie folk album entitled One Foot In The Grave. It's nearly unknown, but pretty amazing. That Richard Ramirez song sounded like a B-side from this album. A really shitty version, but had that raw, unproduced, off-key dual vocals, live sound.

It was quite clever though. I don't understand why Danny doesn't try and sell/ explain these songs to Keith and Chemda, (both from completely different musical eras and backgrounds, a bit better.

Why does he like the song? What does he hate, but like that they're trying? How'd he get turned onto this band? What's the appeal?

He's never gonna intro one of his picks with, "So Keith is really going to like this one as it sounds just like Poison's '88 hit song Nothin But A Good Time..!" However, he could put in a bit more work towards bridging the 16+ year gap between him and KATG aka Mom and Dad.

"This song sounds like an eulogy." YES! BECAUSE IT'S A FUCKING EULOGY!

Either way it's brilliantly cruel comedy. So maybe change nothing.
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