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Dave Attell aka Ol Dirty God

Jesse Joyce in LA. LOL Jesse Joyce.

I fucking love Dave Attell's new comedy stand-up show Comedy Underground. It has showcased so many new/ lesser known comics. Not only that, but they do REAL comedy. Real jokes. Uncensored. The BEST!

You can acquire these eps at EZTV - TV Torrents Online

I strongly recommend ep#4: Russ Meneve. He kinda reminds me of Doug Stanhope if Stanhope only did vicious sex jokes. This one also has Ralphie May - utterly destroying. Ralphie's Just Correct is one of my all time fave albums.

Also, Pete Davidson, (Who is only 20 yrs old!!) abso-fucking-lutely KILLS IT on ep#2. I don't even like masturbation jokes. Too hack. This kid has a chunk that is basically: game changing.

Jesse Joyce is on ep#8. His angry observations remind me of Greg Giraldo and I love him for that.

Another great ep, Myq. Dig the show.
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