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seems like you understood enough brah

Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
nah, bruh. it's precisely that i want to consider your view that it would be cool if you'd put the effort towards making it clear. i'm legit having trouble figuring out your point.

i would /love/ to have a new sparring partner, but i'd rather get to know you, truth be told. : )
You quoted what I said had to have read it instead of saying what do you mean by this you have grammar suggestions to and I quote for people to consider my view. not understand . You fucking understood what I was saying brah don't act dumb. And the main thing I want to be clear about is you don't like reading it don't if you don't understand ask I can clarify I not a ass hole really not but Jesus get over it miss spelled words who gives a shit don't use enter who gives a shit I DON'T if you do don't read shit mesmerize my avatar when you see it move on simple
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