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Ahead of the October release of my new suspense thriller "The Recipient" I am inviting readers to sign up for exclusive news and updates via my official site.

As a token of my appreciation, I am offering new subscribers two free short novellas from my back catalog - The Regenesis Cluster & Feast.

Feast liner notes - "At the end of your life, will you just fade away to nothing or will you burn the candle just one more time?

Australian author Dean Mayes (Gifts of the Peramangk, The Hambledown Dream, The Regenesis Cluster) poses these questions in a thought provoking essay about living that will leave you emotionally moved and your mind crackling with possibilities."

The Regenesis Cluster liner notes - "On a still, moonlit night under the stars of the southern sky, something is about to happen beneath the ocean depths. A life that was cruelly snatched away will be suddenly returned by a phenomenon known only as The Regenesis Cluster.

The Regenesis Cluster is a short story that explores the nature of death and life and provides a visually stunning depiction of reincarnation."

Sign up today and receive these two gifts to keep.

Dean from Australia Dot Com
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