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oh my god! you could cut the perceived but not real sexual tension in that room with a knife. I get her wanting to defend her ex-cohosts on the view (I'm sure an NDA was involved as well), and if her attitude stopped there that would be fine. But holy crap! The ego on this woman! The inability to let other's lead the conversation and see where it goes. I guess the famous improv group of Barn Yarns didn't teach her how to Yes, and.

Actually, I take it back. She didn't have an ego. Her self esteem must be low because she was taking every opportunity to think you were insulting her (Why are we talking about Star Trek? LOL dad jokes! OK but let me repeat for the 4th time I thought you were married. I'm not crazy!) and preemptively got aggressive with you so you couldn't "Get" her.

I honestly hope you have her back after her podcast fails so she can talk about how hard it is to do.

I'm sorry I'm so late to this episode and this discussion ya'll!

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