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I'm not voting that Keith will or will not be bored. He may, he may not. Everyone's expirience is different, but I would not say the extreme mood swings, isolation, emotions and revelations about myself were boring. If anything sobering up (relatively, i still rock the ganga) opened up a pandora's box of emotions. one's i had been getting fucked up to avoid.
sure socializing is really hard in recovery. you feel sorry for yourself because everyone else can drink moderately so why can't you? its pretty frustrating, not boring at all...
for me i made a schedule so that i wouldn't feel empty when the times i'd normally use would come up. i started running and eating on a schedule so i'd regulate my biology. it is good to replace the habit you're giving up with a new habit(s). that may mean going for a run. or to a meeting. or a counselor. or a friend. this is fun, you get to make your own map of your perfect life now. and you can switch it up. you can do WHATEVER you long as you don't use.
when i stopped taking speed i told a lot of friends who used i was taking a break. they stopped coming around out of respect (becuase they weren't gonna stop) and eventually i just stopped seeing them. i'm not mad though. It would be easy to be upset, but if you had friends from karate class and then you quit karate would you be mad they were in the park chopping wood with their hands without you? or would you be happy for them, and yourself for doing what you want?
I said there would be ups and downs. and there will be. you will be angry you stopped. you will be sad you stopped. you will miss the fun you had.
but that said I DON'T MISS BEING HIGH*. I really don't. when i get nostalgic I remember the bad times as well as the good. the hangover (or whatever other lows you had) can become the new reason not to use.
and like shitting in a bag, your strength to over come what you thought was impossible becomes a strength that helps you overcome new and different shit.
*...on speed. i loves me my weed. and i miss acid, shrooms and k but if i'm honest i know that the "truths" revealed through those highs are coming to me slowly and painfully through counseling. so ... fuck it.
peace love and keith and the girl, ya'all
some people say each snowflake is unique and different. . . but they all look the same to me.

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