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Sibling cyberstalking my wife

I'm sure the KATG forums have dealt with its fair share of cyber stalking and harassment. I am a recent transplant to Washington state from New Hampshire. For the past few months, my brother has been sending harassing texts and emails to my wife, my brother-in-law and myself. He is located in Virginia but did send a few while at my parents' house in New Hampshire. After receiving the first few messages I realized he was not of a sound mental state and cut off direct communication. Once he began harassing my wife and brother-in-law, I decided to contact the local New Hampshire authorities. They told me to continue to not engage, document any new harassment and basically sit and take it. Although there have been no direct threats of violence (besides some general threats and wishing I had been aborted), his messages to my wife have included references to oral sex, anal sex, and BDSM. I'm also going to contact the local Virginia police via an online reporting form. Here's the curveball; Although the local authorities might not be able to prosecute, he does have a security clearance from the US government and is obviously not the kind of person you want handling or accessing sensitive information. Any legal advice on how to proceed, besides just sitting quietly and taking it, would be great.

Here are the New Hampshire, Washington, Virginia and Federal laws pertaining to cyber stalking:

Section 644:4 Harassment.

Cyberstalking Laws - Virginia
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