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Being 30+ minutes late for no good reason is just disrespectful, it doesn't matter what the two of you are doing. You're getting something out of it too, it's not just the man. Of course, he should not have been too sassy about it because it's presumably the first time you were late to see him, and he really should not have called you over and over again afterwards. He should've just let it go and moved on. - from someone who used to be late all the time until my friends spoke up about it. They never cared until it got to be over 15 min.

Dating is very shitty nowadays and yes, men are a sensitive and seem to have less confidence nowadays, starting in their 30s. I think it's because they start to overthink relationships and what women want, etc. after a few past relationships fail. There are a lot of complexities in relationships that have been brought to light recently.
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