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I read The Case for Christ - it didn't stick. I have an ebb and flow with Christianity - 2 things usually push me away: actually reading the Bible and not being able to get very far without thinking "this is bullshit," and the lack of empathy that seems evident in a majority of American Christians regarding abortion and same sex attraction. However, always at the back of my mind is the thought that all people are horrible and how could any of them originate the idea of "do unto others" or the story of the Prodigal Son. I wrote a poem about this during a time when I was feeling more positive about religion - before the "Nashville Statement."

Upset apathetic
Online frenetic
Buzzing timelines
No room for the fine lines
Of the Gospel
But sometimes?
A story intrudes
Prodigal, son
Must be construed
As Divine
And the person of Jesus shines

One other note, as Chemda implied, variances in translation mean that there are varying beliefs about doctrine. There are reasonable arguments against the Trinity - despite how some try to force it, Jesus said he was the son of God, not that he was God. Also, hell as a Biblical concept is debatable.
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