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Teddy Picker was kind enough to get drunky face and remind us all how she banged Danny The Hatch. It’s always refreshing when fellow KATG fans get fucked up, log in, and post their soul.

I too, have been thinking about Danny lately. He always had these great emotional/ ‘alternative(?)’ bands - like Kurt Vile. Danny played Kurt on TTSWD and I was hooked.

Taking a break from hip hop, bluegrass, and psychedelic music to focus on Kurt’s last album Bottle It In. It reminds me of his early stuff. Love it. Wish Hatch was around to play these 7 minute ballads for Keith. Haha. I miss Keith shitting on Danny’s entire music collection. Chemda, (unconvincingly) trying to reassure Danny. About everything.

That’s The Show With Danny. Aka Good Cop Bad Cop Danny’s Heart is The Perp

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