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I am currently not afraid, but am worried as I keep hearing more bad news as well as deaths occurring closer to where I live. My work is sending anyone home who feels sick even if they don't have any of the symptoms. What sucks is they are sending people home without any pay unless they have sick or vacation time. If they can prove they have the virus then they will pay them to stay home, but that doesn't really apply to anyone that I know who was sent home. Plus there aren't many testing sites available.

Work is considering having us do work from home since there are 4000 people in the building everyday and there's no real reason 99% of us can't do our work from home. My supervisor is thinking they will have us bring in our personal computers to download work software by the end of the week so we can work from home. I do feel bad for those who don't have access to a computer that has windows. They will be forced to stay home and use their vacation/sick or not be paid while the office is closed. Some people think it could be a month, others think maybe longer.
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