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Originally Posted by Jessica332 View Post
Loved that Rojo pointed out that some of us have no choice but to go back to work. If your job is open you have to quit or work. Not all of us can work from home. I work with children and we only closed for a brief period of time. Our numbers where I live are very high but what am I going to do not pay my bills? Not put food on the table? My son has also worked this whole time. He works in a store where he also works part time in a pharmacy. They are going to begin COVID testing this week and he will be giving COVID test coming in direct contact with people who could have COVID. He also attends some of his college classes in person.

Yes of course. And we need you and your son. We need everyone. The people from home and people at work.
I think everyone has their hardships in this very trying times.
Iím very grateful for my 12 hour day. Work takes more effort but Iím adjusting.
I hope you and everyone stay as safe as possible.

Much love [emoji3590]

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