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Two things.

1. I have a fully vaccinated friend who caught covid and had full on symptoms. They call it a break through case. Yes, it's rare but it's a person who was responsible and still caught covid. He ended up having a stroke from it and is still in the hospital unable to really speak and with the possibility of brain surgery on the table. So it's not just antivaxxers that can still get it. (This isn't in opposition to anything you said on the show, it's just worth noting).

2. My almost 25 year old son is not vaccinated. He has adhd like me but he's much younger so he hasn't gotten control of stuff in the way that I have (which is also not a lot, but I've had practice for longer). He got his first shot, then showed up late for his second appointment and couldn't get it. Then he got sick. THEN his dad died (of liver stuff, not covid). Then I think adhd took over. I messaged him to remind him to get it so he is going to start again and he is. He still wears a mask everywhere.

Am I frustrated with him? Yes. Would I have already started my shots over? Yes. Would someone who is not neurodiverse at his age with his general sensibilities have started their shots over by now? Yes.

Yes I'm mad at people that can get it and haven't yet for ruining things, including my son. That said, I'm going to wait to wish death on them for a little longer for the neurodiverse to catch up since I know how it feels and have my own (non covid) shit normies would have done that I haven't and I'm embarrassed about.

I dunno. Not arguing with anyone, just felt like speaking up.

Also hi!
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