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I don't have time in my schedule right now to be apart of the OMAT club, but I still make sure to do my OMATs daily, and made a special template in my reusable notebook. OMAT got me through some of the roughest pandemic shit. Isolation, anxiety, overwhelming things.. OMAT along with some therapy, and now hearing Chemda's gentle tone in my head "and drink a little water..." My shit is together.

I'm conquering things I procrastinate on. Doing something for one minute leads you to feeling empowered to doing more shit for other minutes too! It's a trick, but a great trick.

With OMAT, I realized I am capable of doing so much more than the bare minimum. I enrolled in college to pursue my passion, and I'm working hard to get my environmental science degree. OMAT helps me tackle things and stay centered. Between working full time, going to college, being a mom in a pandemic I'd been feeling behind the 8 ball on everything. I'd been so used to my life feeling like chaos, that now when everything is together and I'm all caught up, it was a weird feeling at first. "There's gotta be a trick, I must be missing something crucial that's going to bite me in the ass later...." After getting comfortable with trusting that I really am getting things done, I don't have that worry of disorganization in the back of my head.
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