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Nobody gets a hotdog at the Taylor Swift Concert

I watch eras live stream on TikTok and this weekend did not disappoint.

Taylor changed lyrics to “karma is the guy on the chiefs coming home to me” - she giggled the lyric making it all the more precious.

She also plays two surprise songs at every show. One on guitar and one on piano. She played a song from Reputation album on piano where the lyrics are along the lines of “I want to be your first string, I want to be your A-team, I want to be your end game” and other cute references that just make the relationship with Travis so perfect for these moments. The girls on TikTok were dying dead - including me. So precious to see Taylor happy

Scott, Taylor’s dad was standing next to Travis during the concert. Despite the concert being about three hours long nobody went to get hotdogs or even a chicken tender with ketchup and seemingly ranch.

Scott was wearing a Chiefs lanyard and it was super cute to see her Dad having a fun time with Travis like how we’ve seen Taylor hanging out with Travis’ mom and dad.

At one point the crowd was singing “Taylor ole ole ole Tay-Lor Tay-Lor” and Travis was chanting along with the accent on TaY-Lor” it was so much a vibe and absolute love.

Best part of the night was at the end we got a bird’s eye view of Travis waiting for Taylor behind the scenes and she runs up and gives him a hug and our first public couples smooch.

The PR rollout of this relationship should be studied. All I can say is well done kiddos - we stan ❤️
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