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Originally Posted by theheat
For all my drunken friends out there... (or anyone else that this might help)
Of all the cures there are for hic-ups...
I'm telling you the honest truth that the one that works is a spoonfull of peanut butter.

That's it.
Try it.
Works everytime I've seen/tried.
Just did it tonight.

Anyone else know or try this?
Never heard of this before...but i think that it's probably because you're
workin away at getting the fuckin sticky mess down your gullet and it
takes your attention/hiccup anxiety away.
Other things i've heard that have worked once or twice are:
have someone hold your ears shut while you hold your nose and drink
a glass of water (easier with a straw).

another is to try to swallow three times in a row without hiccupping.

another is to have someone with a calm demeanor talk you through deep
breathing, like "take a deep breath" and you wait til the person is full of air
and them tell them to take a little more breath, and then a little more and
a little more and a little more. the hiccupper thinks he/she is full of air
already but you encourage them to keep breathing in, then let it out, then
repeat....oddly enough this works.

Probably because of the taking your attention somewhere else so you're
not focusing on "holy shit i hate having the hiccups." Also the breathing
thing might let your diaphragm relax.

There are no guarantees when you get drunk hiccups (which suck real bad),
but the breathing thing has worked the best for me with the drunk hiccups.
How 'bout now?
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I have tried all the breathing shit and every other thing everyone has said would work for hiccups, including drinking a glass of water upside down (yes, try THAT one drunk) and the peanut butter has been my only true friend.
And everyone I've ever made try this through the worst hiccups of their life now swears by it.
You don't have to eat a mountain of it, just a small spoonful.
I've even seen it work with a Reese's Cup
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