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katg panic attacks

-When @eatspaste was uncovered for cheating during the standup contest.

-Hearing the show back of when I was too drunk to be on. (after Viva Patshiva.) Where was 'My Name Is Keith' then??

-Waiting for the response to Keith and Chemda telling people they'd been broken up for over a year.

-KATG ep 1209 Oy.

-Hearing someone insanely ignorant, continuing to push their mind-numbing, bullshit prerogative and having no room for conversation...And not being able to do anything but LISTEN. There have only been a few...

-KATG ep: 1316-When I "come out" as straight.

-Certain prank phone calls during the marathon(s).

-Watching KATGtv 22. name a few of my personal faves.
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