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1209: The N-Word

You sound so stupid. You sound aggressively stupid right now. June 29, 2010

Show Notes

  • — Numb Nuts: Carl, the disgruntled fan, continues to ask how to find the show that he hates so much?
  • — Your Job Is Stupid: Hecklers ask Christian Finnegan for a thank you and friendship
  • — Remembering Memories: Christian discusses Keith and Chemda's breakup and the signs he saw
  • — Are We There Yet?: Is it weird for Ice Cube to become a family man after being a gangsta?
  • — Bite Your Tongue: Christian talks about Broadway Comedy Club on another podcast and is banned from performing there
  • — What A Catch: Female fans are offended by Keith's '3 Silences'
  • — Dick Rash: Doctors believe that they over-test and over-treat to prevent medical malpractice
  • — Baby Pieces: Everyone has or has dated someone who got an abortion, and kids these days don't use condoms
  • — Accidents Happen: A guy puts wax on his balls, someone else rips off the waxing strip, man loses 6 layers of ball skin
  • — Your Dumbness Hurts: Christian is offended by Keith's Nerds vs. Niggers Poll
  • — He's So Meta: Andy Kindler jokingly does other people's bad jokes
  • — Female Comediennes: The female judge on Last Comic Standing is too pretty to be taken seriously
  • — Despicable Me: Craig Robinson mispronounces everyone's name on Last Comic Standing
  • — Tres Rios Tequila: Motley Crue's Vince Neil was arrested for a DUI
  • — Breaking News: Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green tie the knot

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