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1316: More Than Meets the Eye

I think you're engaged. January 12, 2011

Show Notes

  • — Dropped Calls: Keith and Chemda renew their contracts with the busted AT&T just before the iPhone allows itself to work with the working Verizon
  • — Lauren In Pajamas: Chemda visits Lauren's hometown in Hawaii and everyone recognizes Lauren
  • — Your Work Voice: Chemda and Keith always exclaim and mumble negative things while working
  • — No, Not You: Lauren's high school friends talk shit about her other girlfriends but adore Chemda
  • — Got Your Dick!: Lauren comes out as a transgender man
  • — The Mysterious Future: Robert Alvarez predicts Keith and Cat will stay together as Keith and Chemda will get back together
  • — Seeing The Real You: Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin break-up after Mila’s full vision is restored
  • — Pants Off Prank: Girls wear thongs and lingerie on the subway and are shocked when people stare
  • — One Or The Other: The NYC sanitation department doesn't pick up trash in order to plow snow instead
  • — Flooded: Lauren's apartment floods and her landlord wants to raise her rent
  • — Miracle!: A man jumps off a building to kill himself but falls into a bunch of trash and lives
  • — Keith Is Engaged: Chemda thinks Keith and Cat are getting married, Keith does not deny this
  • — Buried: Ryan Reynolds is trapped in a casket and no one cares
  • — American Hero: A 61-year-old female crowd member stops the Arizona shooter
  • — Re-Writing History: They want to take the word ‘nigger’ out of Huckleberry Finn
  • — To Life: A fan gets his daughter's name and L'Chaim tattooed to thank KATG for getting him through his depression
  • — Doppelganger: Graham Comrie and Graham Cormie find each other on Facebook and realize they lead identical lives
  • — The Play-offs: Seattle doesn't deserve to be there, they’re the best of the worst
  • — Historically Inaccurate: The History Channel wants nothing to do with The Kennedys biopic

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