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2088: Sick Sex

Omg, just listening to Andrea's story, I'm in stitches. She's just too nice!!!!


Kathryn Heller's mother told her to do WHAT while LAUGHING??!!?! O.M.G.

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he admitted to being naughty.
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Originally Posted by swiggy View Post
His wife ended up killing herself (she had a lot of issue, both physical and mental that doctors could no longer assist her, so it was one of those suicides where on the surface you're like "yeah, that probably wasn't a bad choice")...
Being Pro-Suicide is not Pro-Death; it's simply about making good choices...

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Originally Posted by swiggy View Post
Holy shit Keith! I just watched the video (get VIP people, Danny's visual aid... ), no kidding that was similar. Only difference is we were all sober and I should have caught on to what was happening faster. Ophira was down to fuck at the start, I didn't realize it was leading up to fucking until the situation started. Communication, what the hell happened to that? I did, though, have a feeling something was up when the girl kept lengthening our get-together, listen to your gut people. Yet, I do have that story to tell.

Ophira's take on a Canadian threesome, I'm gonna have to agree.

Since I'm headed down the TMI train, to Katherine, I too lost my hymen unconventionally. The OB/GYN had to cut it due to it being a Septate hymen (apparently very rare: when it's like a bar right in the middle and will not break no matter what you do, other than to cut it). I used to call it my mighty hymen.

Imagine that as an X-Men power? What can you do? Oh, my hymen can't break. Lamest superpower ever.

Also pointing out this is the perfect 69th post. I'll stop now.
Awesome - Mighty Hymen's unite!!!
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Originally Posted by spkheller View Post
Awesome - Mighty Hymen's unite!!!
lol mighty hymens.

great band name, possibly also a great superhero duo.
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Such a great show!
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