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2922: Talking Dead w/ Erik Bergstrom

Children's sexuality; BlacKkKlansman and pooping without toilet paper; Keith meets girlfriend's child; the Oscars' new changes; Casey Affleck addresses sexual misconduct; Chris Hardwick's Talking Dead's return; surviving Stage IV Hodgkin's lymphoma; Erik's insanely manipulative girlfriend; Erik's sister's passing August 14, 2018

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Show Notes

  • — Unbreakable: We have Erik Bergstrom, who survived stage IV Hodgkin's lymphoma, in studio
  • — Oopsy Doodle: The gang discusses when they acted out sexually as children
  • — Thanks, KATG!: A listener writes in thanking Keith for his review of BlacKkKlansman
  • — Shit, Out Of Luck: Keith took a dump in a movie theater bathroom only to find out there was no available toilet paper
  • — Start With Lies: Keith met one of his girlfriend's children under the guise of being a friend of Carmen Lynch
  • — Capitalism: A new category, Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film, is being created for the 2019 Oscars, which is an excuse to praise the highest grossing films of the year
  • — Make Sense: Casey Affleck has given a public statement for the first time regarding his allegations and settlement of sexual misconduct
  • — POINTS!: Following sexual abuse allegations, Chris Hardwick has been reinstated as the host of Talking Dead, causing several staff members, including an executive producer, to quit the show over his return
  • — No Hair, Don’t Care: Erik discusses the horrifying aspects of his cancer diagnosis and recovery
  • — Numbing Gel: Erik was pissing blood clots, so he went to the doctor, which led to a camera up his dickhole
  • — Gaslight: Erik was engaged to an abusive partner who cheated on and manipulated him
  • — Proof Of God: Erik’s sister passed away from an accidental recreational drug overdose

2921: Happy Never After w/ Mara Marek

7 engagements and 3 divorces; physical spousal abuse; cross-country biking for battered women; sex club fighting August 13, 2018

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Show Notes

  • — Happy Never After: We have Mara Marek, who has been engaged 7 times and has had 3 failed marriages, in studio
  • — It’s A Man’s World: Mara was married to a 52-year-old man when she was 19. She recounts their tumultuous relationship including the physical abuse and cheating.
  • — Manners: Mara was raised Catholic in a strict household. She discusses how that, coupled with her mother’s abuse and untreated mental illness, pushed her to rebel.
  • — Cleaning House: Mara set up a corporation to move money into so that she could leave her first husband
  • — Bike, Laugh, Heal: Mara is going on a cross-country biking and comedy tour to raise money to help battered women
  • — The Seventeen Day Itch: Mara discusses her other various dysfunctional relationships and how she recovered
  • — Bring Your Own Condoms: Mara went to a fancy sex club with her current boyfriend. They got into a fight over how Mara was having fun.


Mara MarekMara Marek


Mara Marek
Mara Marek
Mara's tattoo symbolizing 7 total engagements and 3 marriages
Mara's tattoo symbolizing 7 total engagements and 3 marriages
Unofficially named "confirmed kills"
Unofficially named "confirmed kills"
Mara's podcast and her co-host Andrew Collin
Mara's podcast and her co-host Andrew Collin

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