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Originally Posted by Apia View Post
I like him too. But he did a very wrong thing by using his influence trying convince Chemda and Keith to keep quiet about Pat
Wait. Did this happen during this ep or in the past?
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Originally Posted by bag of lazers View Post
Is it a shtick, or could it be growth (of a kind)?
It's growth, but it took too long.
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A woman that finally learns that men are people at 50 is the punchline of a joke.
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Originally Posted by Mermaid View Post
Fuck their feelings.

Women have been being raped, harassed, groped, denied opportunities, manipulated, committed suicide because of their treatmen, silenced, gas-lit etc. since the beginning of time.

But since like 20 millionaire men lost their jobs (they'll be fine. They always are.) now suddenly men are having some emotions about it. Not because they actually give a fuck about women but because they are scared someone will call them on their shit.

Fuck their feelings.

It's time to prioritize the feelings of victims.
I tend to agree with you but Ted feels more like an ally than an apologizer to me. I guess I didn't hear the same things as others in his tone during the episode.
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Old 11-30-2017, 09:43 PM   #35 (permalink)
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Damn I listened to this podcast and was like, wow Ted seems like a thoughtful person who has changed his thinking on some stuff and that's nice.
I was not expecting this response at all.
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Old 12-01-2017, 03:23 PM   #36 (permalink)
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In the 2-3 years covering when I was 27-29 I dated three different 19 year-olds - each for a few months. Obviously they were sexy and fun and probably smarter than me, but even that at that age difference I felt a significant delta in "being an adult" experience and ended up breaking it off with each of them because of that.

I'm 103% with Chemda that the ratio that's really in play isn't age:age, it's adult years:adult years. Even though I was (and still am) a buffoon, I had a decade or so of being independent/adult/whatever and they had one or two years. The ratio that mattered wasn't 28:19, or roughly 3:2, it was 10:2, which is a vaaaaaaaaaaaast-ass difference.

And that's just good science.

In other science news, I laughed my ass all the way off when Keith said at the end of the episode he was looking forward to the next one because his favourite guest was going to be on (after opening the ep saying Ted was his favourite). I'm sure he's done that before a couple of times, but I appreciate the heck out of it every time.
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