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Keith 01-10-2022 10:18 PM

175: Shows 3484 - 3486
What's better than Rod or Karen? Rod AND Karen. The dynamic duo is starting off the new year tandem!

Worst Guest of 2021
Unproblematic old people dying
Cuck ex-husbands
The Great American Novel: The Musical
The podcasting life of Matt Bachus
Chemda's unfiltered texts with Newsy
"Hollywood" Craig not watching movies
The mystery of the Keith "Spider-Man" Beating SOLVED!

All this and MORE will be revealed in this episode of Last Week on KATG!

Karen Morrow

Rod Morrow

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Apia resurrected 01-11-2022 12:01 AM


I'm over keyless cars. My current car has a key.

And that's why:

So convenient! Until you want to leave the car and the question where is my key comes up.
Is it in my bag? Is it in the front? Is it unter the seat? Is it even still here? I'm starting to sweat.
All the searching for my key is way more stressful than just using a key.
And I know I’m not alone. I’ve seen other people searching the car key.

Apia resurrected 01-11-2022 12:02 AM

Why pulp? For better shitting.
It's fiber.

Apia resurrected 01-11-2022 11:18 AM

We enjoy Cobra Kai a lot now. I googled multiple times, why is this show so enjoyable when the description sounds like shit.
I'm not saying it's Oscar material but its good.

Sparrow 01-11-2022 11:25 AM

i like a high pulp orange juice. maybe bc i don’t like eating oranges. high pulp OJ is all the good parts without the pith, stringy bits, work, and waste.

Launi 01-12-2022 03:12 PM

If having both Rod and Karen on each week means Karen has to say every guest name Iím here for it!

rodimusprime 01-12-2022 04:53 PM


Originally Posted by Launi (Post 891739)
If having both Rod and Karen on each week means Karen has to say every guest name Iím here for it!

We give the people what they want!

Apia resurrected 01-13-2022 02:38 AM

Rod and Karen made me addicted to them. Thank you.
Insert here some joke about a white woman that is edgy but still shows that Im a good person.

The Girl 01-15-2022 07:21 AM

I heard the part Iíd the show that I wasnít there for. Rod and Karen! Dirty dogs! [emoji23]

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Svage 01-16-2022 12:41 AM

The Queen is coming back! Can't wait to have Bianca in my ears soon :D:D

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