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LW 142: Shows 3390 - 3392

It’s me, Karen! After having a wonderful birthday, I’m back to kick it with my 2 favorite people, and we learned a lot. Kyle finally broke Keith. This caused him to keep hummus and carrots around for no reason. Blockbuster could have bought Netflix, but now Netflix is doing a documentary on Blockbuster. And I watch Netflix so much, it keeps asking me if I’m still there. Always, Netflix! April Fools’ Day is only for fools. White Boy Summer was in the wrong font and cut short. Can’t wait for Keith’s doc series where Keith plays his dad. Danny was the asshole, and Chemda knew something about movies. Lastly, don’t forget to check your VIP account to get free passes to KATG Week. Me and Rod will be there to celebrate, and we can’t wait to see you all there! April 5, 2021


Karen MorrowKaren Morrow
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