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1. General

  • KATG VIP is a membership service that grants you access to all Keith and The Girl in-studio episodes (all the way back to Show #1), as well as constantly updated bonus content, such as Chemda's new show What's My Name.
  • While Keith and The Girl and What's My Name shows are updated and listed in their entirety, there is also constantly updated bonus content added and rotated to give you more and more of the KATG Experience. KATGtv, KATG Live shows, and other bonus material will show up in your feed for you to download on a regular basis.
  • There are three different memberships: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Prices and access vary between memberships. The variations are displayed on

2. Membership

3. Gifting VIP

4. Payment

  • Yes, all memberships are recurring (and you're able to cancel at any time).
  • Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal and KATG VIP gift certificates.

    Not accepted: pre-paid gift credit cards and regular pre-paid credit cards (even with a credit card logo on them)

    Note: if you're paying with a KATG VIP gift certificate, you'll still need to attach your VIP membership to a credit card or PayPal. If your gift certificate covers the cost of VIP, your credit card or PayPal account will not be charged. Make sure to apply your gift code before completing your payment informaiton.
  • Yes. Select the PayPal option when asked for your credit card information.
  • For your protection, the system is very sensitive. Your information must match exactly what your credit card company has on file. When entering an address, check any dashes, commas, etc. Please check your information and try again.

    Note that the system does not accept gift cards and pre-paid credit cards (even with a credit card logo on them).
  • Your account has probably expired/incomplete. Please choose from the membership options available ( to renew/complete your account. You may continue to use your previous VIP membership email and password if you're a returning member.
  • If you've been a VIP member in the past, log in to your account before attempting to sign up to one of the membership options.

5. Etc

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