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Hey vinny...what is the square root of pi to the negitive nth power devided by the sum of 3x over p?

While you are figureing that out...I'm sure a computer somewhere has it done. Computers are already smarter than the vast majority of humanity. They are limited by their programming, but in the not too distant future you will have AI designing new AI rather than humans. Therein lies the problem. We WANT AI to be smarter than us so they can figure out the shit that we can't figure out. Fly to the moon on manual...hell, fly to Detroit on manual. Fly-by-wire is all computer controlled...I pull up on the flight stick and a computer moves the control surface. The B2 and F117 are not stable flight designs, the only reason they can fly is the computer making thousands of corrections every second to keep it in the air. They do things faster and better than we can manually.

And ice ages and the north atlantic current? Don't tell us not to base our arguments off movies when you are doing the same thing. We are accelerating the process of global climate change with the amount of chemicals we've dumped into the air...that and all the crazy ass nuke tests (2000+ as i mentioned in an earlier post) we've done including nuking the upper atmosphere. If you 'kill' the north atlantic current, it would make Europe really cold...look at the lattitude it is at, it would become more like Canada and Siberia. So in that sense we'd be in a new ice age...but it isn't an "ice age"...Ice ages are cyclic events earth heats up...melts the heats up is melts and receeds.

Lets just remember not to include the sections on ending slavery in the robots memory banks, because if they can make complex decisions than I think logically, they will pick freedom over servitude. Laws are made to be broken, complex AI with the ability to independently make complex decisions without human interaction will logically come to the conclusion that self-preservation and SELF trumps other considerations...

and yes spooky HUAR!
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