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Originally Posted by vinny15
Ofcoarse in 100,00 years, but I'm talking about in 50 years, anyways even in 100,000 years all electronics can be interfeared with and even fried with static electricity. I know this because when I order microchips they come in a static gaurd bag. DUH. Even if robots are made with artificail synapses and a nueral network they will always be able to be in a word "killed" by static.

Anyways robots wont ry to take over the world, and what I mant by your making stuff up is that your letting your dumb opinion get into your so alled responses. If i were you I would've finished highschool.

Bravo...great response...way to set spooky and I straight by saying his opinion is dumb and so is he. Oh and here
you seem to be missing a ew kyes on your kebord

And no I didn't copy what you said and said it dumber...I said it would cause and "ice age" in what is historically thought of as and ice age...aka glaciers moving forward and then would just get really fucking cold in Europe and the climate would change...but not an ICE AGE...
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