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My suggestion is to play it nice, never know when some tweaked out bitch can stick you with a needle that she's shared with everyone in the ghetto.

If you wanna get out your frustration, try doing in subtle ways, so thinks your just a self centered dick, not that your malicious.

Some Ideas
  • Try throwing parties when she sleeps
  • Say your learning German, and play those educational German CD's loudly, at weird hours.
  • Get into an avant garde phase and start putting up weird art, shit that's disturbing.
  • If your allowed to paint your walls, put a giant KATG mural in the living room.
  • Set every alarm and timer in the house, conveniently forget.
  • Make ramen in the bathtub, or pudding.
  • Change all the light bulbs to very high wattage, brightness is the junkies enemy.
  • Take a small piss into her shampoo/conditioner. Do not put in Nair, that shit burns, and she'll know.
  • Keep asking her for annoying, pointless favors.
  • Say your pregnant and start making crazy baby plans.
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