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Too much blaming the government and not enough props to the terrorist fucks. The government is bloated and incompetent simply because of the way it runs. Compartmented. Red tape. There are probably 100,000 things the government is bad at for everything it does well. The government is unable to put together and execute a conspiracy plan for 9/11 and unable to prevent a well-planned attack by terrorists with no shortage of will to succeed at their mission.

Deuce, you're right about 1993. The van parked as planned had a better chance. If I remember correctly, there were likely miscalculations and the bombs were probably not strong enough to do enough damage.

The idea to use planes as the catalyst for a controlled demolition is actually an act of pure genius, if you ask me.

The fact that the government was running drills and had procedures for such an attack probably means that they intercepted communications traffic about such a plan over the 10-15 years preceding the attack or some staff officer came up with it and it sounded like something that might happen. One thing the government does well is military planning and execution.

If 9/11 occurred as a total surprise to the government, the same people that think the fact that the government had ideas that this kind of attack was possible shows that the government knew, and therefore, could have done something about it would be complaining that the government didn't have some kind of plan. You can't have that one both ways. It's illogical.

The common denominator that I see is the total willingness to blame the government for something somebody else did while that somebody else is giggling in a cave enjoying his two dialysis machines provided by France to help him stay alive and fuck America some more. I only hope that the Mossad stuck a lojack in those fuckers.

spaceboy, I realize you have been to the moon and everything but I honestly think 9/11 was just a well-planned, well-executed attack by the terrorists and not a day when the government didn't do it's job. The government can't, doesn't, and shouldn't do everything. To flippantly say they didn't do their job implies that you think 100% security is possible. It's not possible to stop 100% of intended attacks. If it was, Israel would do it and the last Palestinian you would have ever heard about would have been Goliath. Israel is the only country on earth that doesn't fuck around when it comes to self defense and they still have bombs going off from time to time. Ask Deuce about that.
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