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Have you guys heard of this site yet? - a clever bot - speak to an AI with some Actual Intelligence?

Its pretty amusing, I was trying to get some information out for HUAR

Jabberwacky Conversation QN02373436

Kind of interested to see other peoples conversations
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Its a trap!

The first thing in an upcoming all out war is always propaganda.
They are trying to seem human, intelligent and friendly.
You can now even buy t-shirts for the coming robot revolution. the independent t-shirt label of humorous techno culture. A brand about Sci-fi, robots and 'the future'

It is no longer a question if Keith was right the whole time,
now its only a question of when it is coming.
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What was Albert Einstein's theory of Relativity about? Please explain it to me.
Oh God, this isn't good.

EDIT: It's only getting worse, I'll post the results soon!

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Jabberwacky Conversation QW00657744 - - - A chat with an Artificial Intelligence AI bot found at

He revealed secrets to the first attack on humans!
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Jabberwacky Conversation UL00325716 - - - A chat with an Artificial Intelligence AI bot found at
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