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A concerning matter concerning HUAR members

Dear HUAR Grand Dragon Malley

This is Nick, the guy who extends the KATG fanbase to the far-east-to
Yonago, Japan. Japan is the world's most fertile breeding ground for
robot procreation. According to the 2000 Guinness Book of World
Records (I couldn't get my hands on a recent edition) over half of
the robots sold in the world in are in use in Japan. I'm sure Japan
still maintains preponderance five years later. It's no wonder that
the human-labor heavy American car manufacturers can't compete with
the Japanese, who rely heavily upon robotic labor; labor that never
complains, sues for sexual harassment or receives pension. According
to a recent copy of the Japanese newspaper "The Daily Yomiuri," the
Japanese city of Seikacho, near Kyoto, was granted "robot tokku"
status by the Japanese government in July; endowing upon it status as
a special deregulation zone (among others in this country) where
robots can drive on the street and walk on the sidewalk. Already,
human transporting robots are being tested on public roads, which so
far have demonstrated a reliable ability to sense oncoming traffic
and take evasive action. Apparently the Asians have given up hope of
ever becoming good drivers themselves and have instead found it
easier to invent robots that are. I imagine that the robots will
control the car stereos as well...probably always choosing something
like "Domo Arrigato Mr. Roboto." The Japanese newspaper also
quoted Mr. Yoshiki Arakawa, a researcher at the National Institute of
Information and Communications Technology in Seikacho, as saying: "We
may be seen [sic] walking in this city accompanied by robots in the
near future." Maybe the Japanese can also invent a robot to correct
their typos.

Will you consider promoting me to the position of HUAR Asian Bureau
Chief? Also try to get 'The Girl' to stop cutting you off unless she
has something to say that is actually more clever/important than what
you are sayin.? Your stories are funnier and more interesting than
Chemda's, and it's hard for you, as well as the listeners, to follow
what you were trying to say through the relentless onslaught of her
interspersed tangents. I don't care if that makes either of you mad,
it's just my opinion.


Nick Cohen-Meyer.
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