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Originally Posted by april View Post
I liked it at first before I found KATG, the forums, the chat, the myspace, the youtube. Now I give all other podcasts the finger...
Not true...*wink*
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Originally Posted by spaceboy View Post
Are you saying April has a strap-on?
No, she has corn.
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Originally Posted by spaceboy View Post
Ah! That makes more sense. The Canadian fall corn is nice and hard.
Isn't it!?

PS, hi. Been a while, hope you are well.
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You fuckers are gross.
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well... i finally caught the first episode..

first, i wanna say that i think it's a brilliant idea to have a weekly video clip like this, and i'm proud of everybody involved for getting it all together.
second, i wanna say that i had huge expectations because i love katg.
third, the "cheese" line was spectacular.. and the precum part was sufficiently silly
fourth, i wanna say that i wouldn't continue on or say anything else if i didn't want this shit to work out and launch katg into super stardom....
finally, the constructive criticism: most of the clip fell pretty flat.

1) i think keith is naturally a brilliant actor, but chemda, as much as i love her and think she is talented in so many other areas.. is not the best character actor. the way she approaches it may work on stage, but it just doesn't work on camera. the part where she was just speaking as herself worked fine, but the pretending to be someone else was awkward. it distracted from the humor.
2) the accent was no good. character or not, no more accents.
2) wtf is up with the wrinkled background sheet? posterboard isn't that expensive.. and even if you like the sheet can a nigga get an iron? again, just distracting.
3) if you're going to script dialog, it's got to be tighter. fewer words, delivered faster.
4) you need consistent camera angles, the last close ups of chemda cut off her chin and showed 5 inches above her head.
5) the audio kinda sucked.

...and that's really it. i totally think this could work as a mock-news show format (minus the guest/interview).. you two, scripting up a few news stories of the week that you have worked out HILARIOUS commentary for. i would suggest going with quality over quantity for the videos. even if you only have one great joke, get in, get out, get it done.

all in all, a great start... and even if you do the complete opposite of everything i've suggested, i'll probably still be watching..


"The internet will eat you." - patrice (ep 539 1:49:04)

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Wow, that was orders of magnitude better than the first episode. If I didn't know better I'd say you were hustling, pretending to be bad and then when we start betting some real money, BOOM! A good episode.

I like the new camera angles and the desk with papers. Especially because it was my idea. Well, ok, maybe somebody else suggested it, but I'm holding on to my dream. I do think the close-up shots should be a little lower, though. Include a little of the desk.

How much further back could you make that backdrop? Depending on the quality of the camera, you might be able to lower the aperture and focus just on yourselves, leaving the backdrop a bit blurry. This opinion could be tainted by my recently-found love of depth of field, though, so consult a real professional on this one.

As for what to do when you're not talking, just stare toward the camera, but not directly at it. See if you can find a focal point about a foot to the right of the lens (your right) and be consistent with it. And if you feel like an idiot, go with that - intentionally look like you're brain dead, and enjoy the humor with that.

And Keith needs a can with a nondescript "Beer" design. Or maybe go old school and use three X's.
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Worst British accent since Dick Van Dyke! But of course we still love you.
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Really liked the episode. Any chance that you will release it in any other formats in the future. WMA anyone?
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I think it would be cool if it was a cross between and animated show and real news show. If you had animated versions of Keith and Chemda but the video clips are live action. Something like the animated clip from show 140: Satan Sucks as an example for the animation style.

The problem with this is you would have to do more work to setup the computer animation, but after you got the base models and movement down, turn around time to produce a video could shrink.

And since the characters are animated you have more freedom for comedic setups. The reason why Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are sucessful at it is beacuse the characters they do the news in are these wacky people. Also, animated charaters would keep the look the same from show to show. With animation you don't have to have a TV show set in your living room.
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I also think they should do more magic on the show.
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