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More swans and walruses.
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Even just one walrus would be nice.
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Originally Posted by panicBoy View Post
That proves nothing.
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They call me B. Jason
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I thought it was fairly tight.
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Originally Posted by spaceboy View Post
I am thanks. I am still trying to adopt to Ontario fall/winter. Hope you are well. Have you considered selling your steroids, they go for a pretty penny in the gyms.
Umm you are back here now?

I considered it, but I like the feeling, so for now they are mine.
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F the haters. I was laughing out loud (that's LOLS in nerd).
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Feedback on KATGtv

Hi there,

As a loyal supporter and listener I was curious to see how KATGtv would work.

So I gave it a watch.

I understand what you guys are getting at. You're trying out something new...and flexing your muscles and keeping things creative and fresh. I mean, heck you've done over 600 podcasts...and the DVDs and video clips are getting good why not expand out into videocasts...and rip that award out of the cold dead hands of AskANinja.

: )

I can also understand where people are coming from when then bash the KATGtv first episode. A lot of your listeners have gotten used to how you improvise your show based around a loose schedule and notes. With this more scripted approach it's a very different interaction with K&C. And it's something you guys are both new too and still learning the ropes of (I'd imagine the only other time you're in this role performing situation is with kids' parties...and it does have a bit of a high-school skit feel to it).

But it must be an exiciting new prospect for you guys to try this stuff out. And play with it. I just hope it isn't too demoralizing that there are so many negative criticisms of your new experiment. I think your fans have unrealistically high expectations from you guys...and figure you must be skilled at everything (given how talented you are at podcasting). And likewise for you guys, it must be weird that the typical overwhelming positive response you do get from your podcasts aren't coming in with this videocast.

I think your fans recognize your potential. And your skill. And both are strongest with your real-time on the fly improv and comedy. Just being yourselves....instead of playing roles and reading scripts. You guys do shine when you're just being yourselves....and what comes across is full of life and passion.

Whereas the tv skits are something you will need to work on for a while to refine and get your chops for....and at present, by nature of its newness,... it is a bit wooden and forced.

So it's only natural that your fans aren't all ready for this....and would likely prefer to see you flex your strongest muscles in this new medium....instead of try out something that you aren't naturals at....yet.

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It was good...

I am glad you are doing the video podcasts! The video and lighting is pretty good; however, the sound is... distant.

Maybe you need lapel mics?
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Originally Posted by kiki2006 View Post
Hi there,

As a loyal supporter and listener I was curious to see how KATGtv would work...
I agree ten-hundred percent.

Last edited by AdamS; 11-17-2007 at 01:06 AM.
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First, definitely keep doing more of these. Great idea, in general.

Second, I think when Keith loosens up a bit and starts thinking of the camera like he does the microphone it will be better.

Third, Chemda was looser as far as the camera goes, but the costume just made her look weird.

Fourth, drop accents altogether, if you persist in doing scripted parts.

Fifth, definitely consider including some of your regular guests!

P.S. McNally - TikiBarTV is one of the most popular vidcasts out there for a reason. It makes people laugh and has very professional editing......not to mention Lala. Anyone who attempts to emulate their level of vidcasting is on the right track...
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