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Originally Posted by McNally View Post
Let me tell you a long boring story about music, since it's my 2nd favorite thing after old school videos games.

<grandpa simpson>

I first heard that song quite recently, despite the fact that it's quite old. I downloaded a torrent once of the top 100 rock songs of the nineties, and it was strangely disappointing. 90s radio rock is very generic and over-produced, and not how I would want to nineties to be remembered. The Smashing Pumpkins and Rage Against the Machine were the only bands that really stood out from that particular playlist.

So then I downloaded the top 500 songs of the 90s period, and THAT was the shit. It had a lot of Ace of Bass and Bobby Brown and shit like that, but that's the real nineties. So in with that I heard a Pixies song called Alec Eiffel, off their album I-have-no-idea, because I never really followed the Pixies that closely.

I could go on, but I'm heading out for St. Paddy's. Pretend that I talked for ninety more paragraphs. And know that every song I've put into a KATGtv is awesome.

Answer: The Pixies - Alec Eiffel


Fuck... I've heard a lot of Pixies and Frank Black over the years and even owned the Doolittle CD, and somehow (apparently) still didn't recongnize it. Thank you good sir.

**Edit** I just realized why I didn't recognize the Pixies in this song... Not to disparage the great Black Francis, but he definitely has a certain... er, Richard Simmons timbre to his voice. :-) For whatever reason, the aformentioned vocal 'quality' isn't evident in this song.

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