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Originally Posted by DJ Trashy View Post
In my mind I was escaping a series of large wheels crashing through the walls trying to run over me, and also collapsing, metal multi-colored walls trying to suck me down into somewhere horrible. I can't describe it any better than that.
I forgot to mention one thing, which was the very loud, prominent sound associated with this hallucination. Basically it sounded kinda like what you would expect if you were sitting in a room with a metal wall and a large wheel began slowly rolling over/through said metal wall. Groaning, creaking, bending metal.

So yesterday I got home from the store, turned off the car, hit the button on the garage door opener, got out of the car.........and about halfway to the door to the house it hit me. The sound. It was the sound from my hallucination! I hit the button and raise and lowered the garage door again. The big spring groaning, the metal wheels rolling through the tracks, the METAL DOOR as big as a wall rolling up over the car. HOLY FUCK!

Salvia invaded my brain, shuffled through my memories and grabbed the every day act of opening the garage door and turned it into a fucking nightmare from hell! fuck me

Somehow I feel better knowing that it was something from inside my brain and not something from nowhere. But just a little better. I still hate that evil, EVIL dirty little plant.....
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When I took salvia, my roommate had this big life sized Santa Clause in the living room, the kind you can buy from JC Penney. So high off salvia I realized that I'm in a secret train station and not sitting on a couch like I thought. So while waiting at the train station/couch, the Santa Clause starts doing magic from across the room and tries to prevent me from going to he Harry Potter school, so I punch his head off. After my high went away, I was being yelled at for ripping that Santa head off. Until this day I still say that he was an evil wizard and would have taken all of our souls in our sleep to hell.
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Subject: Salvia Video Tracklist

Hey, McNally, I was watching the KATGtv salvia videos again, and I was wondering about what songs you used for the first video. I'm particularly interested in the song that plays as you hit the bong, and the one that plays when Keith Malley hits it. I figured you'd have it up somewhere that I couldn't find, but if you don't and don't feel like watching the vids again, that's cool.

Airon G.


Fuck yeah I'll watch them again, those vids rule. I'm gonna toss this on the forums too, in case anyone's curious.

Let's see... for the KATGtv intro, it's a song called Windowlicker by Aphex Twin, I think... It's been awhile.

Intern Mike is Shake A Fist by Hot Chip.

Me hitting the bong is Reckoner by Radiohead. They used that song at the end of that movie Choke. It wasn't super great, but that song at the end worked really well.

Then it changes to some weird tribal music... I can't remember what the fuck that was. The Fuck Buttons? It was some band that Ayn liked. So, beats me on that one. Then some Super Mario music.

For Keith hitting the bong, it's Into The Galaxy by The Midnight Juggernauts. They also have a cool song called Road To Recovery.

Keith transitions into Ashes To Ashes by David Bowie once he starts losing it.

I don't know what Potatoe's song is. Maybe Black Moth Super Rainbow? That sounds like I'm making it up, but that's a real band. I was listening to a lot of weird stuff in New York that didn't really stick in my brain.

Let's check Newsy and Kyle's too, 'cause these are fun to watch.

Kyle starts with a House of Pain instrumental, sounds like something from their 3rd album. Then more David Bowie, a Space Oddity instrumental.

When he's describing the path, it's La Femme D'Argent by Air.

Newsy starts with a remix of the Mega Man 3 theme, probably from Then it's mostly silent because Newsy was too much to contain. Man, he got fucked up.

Sad Newsy is Rabbit In Your Headlights by Unkle, some kind of weird instrumental remix I found.

Salvia. A hell of a drug.
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I had an awful trip when I smoked salvia. I did it out of a bong and before I had even taken the entire hit, I was high as a fucking kite. Somehow I ended up laying down on the bed, which I don't remember doing. Then I had the movie Freddy Got Fingered on the tv. It was just the title screen so it keeps replaying the same thing over and over. Which ended up fucking with my head even more. While on the bed I imagined that I was in a tunnel type of structure. And waves of static where crashing on me. This was accompanied by a poking, tingling feeling; like needles. I then freaked out and had to turn the tv off. Which I couldn't do. Haha. I ran out into the living room and for some reason kept saying I can't handle this shirt. So then I was shirtless in the living room. I couldn't remember where I was, and I could barely recognize my boyfriend. He told me he was going to smoke the rest that was left in the bong and I started screaming at him, telling him to please don't. I didn't realize I was being loud, but he said I was yelling. Then I told him I needed to be alone in a dark place. After the high started going mellow, I took a ten minute nap, and when I woke up, it all felt like a dream. I barely remembered anything that happened. But the embarrassment of my boyfriend seeing me go fucking crazy still haunts me. Haha

ps, sorry i accidentally spelled Salvia wrong on the subject title. :/ My mistake.
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