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23: Chemda in Chell

Chemda laughs at an MS joke and joins the likes of Adolf Hitler and Jack the Ripper
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that was the funniest one yet. i laughed out loud multiple times. the animation is great. who did it?
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ok that one was fuckin' AWESOME
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good call add that little intro the video was great before but non-Katg people might have been a little lost. but like i sad before great video. being animated make everything funnier
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That is awesome. More of the animations please!!
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I've told you once but i'll tell you again, this is friggin' awesome dude.
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Absolutely perfect. The facial expressions for Jack the Ripper are hysterical.
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All other KATGtv clips must bow on bended knee at the new King of All Clips.

"Naw, doesn't seem fair. Not to us either 'cause who the fuck are you?"
- Jack the Ripper

Bravo kids, bravo!
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It's perfection. Aces 10++
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Again I must say--fucking hilarious. I'd love to see more of this.
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