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This was very entertaining. A quick 24 minutes!

I didn't think it was possible, but I love Myka Fox even more.
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Great KATGtv - loved it so much we're gunna hold our own Burger off
im not up to date with the shows since this was released but did Keith realise that his Iphone passcode is clearly on the vid - not that it really matters, but you never know, John Petrie is out there somewhere
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Originally Posted by WittyReference View Post
Great vid. Which one was Libby, Bucho?

Not to be a bitch but the score total that comes up for the vege burger does not add up:
Love: 5
Taste: 8.25
Creativity: 11
Presentation: 19
= 43.25 not the 61.25 that's shown.

Sorry to be that guy
Damn. Thanks for trying, Lucas!
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The score was fun while it lasted. I hope Dee had a chance to show her loved ones.

The video has been re-uploaded with the score fixed, an even smaller file size with the same great quality, and a free hamburger has been placed in your mailbox.*

*2 of these 3 things are correct
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