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The video doesn't do justice to how bizarre that feeling is. I swear, I tried to swallow at least 5 times but my throat simply failed to function with the whole swallowing thing. Technique, perhaps, is where I need to do some research.

Great job editing McNally.
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Originally Posted by Corri View Post
Patrice is cuter and shorter than I had imagined her. You raised the bar with this show, good work.

I'm 5'9 1/2 and I had my tall girl boots on. What kind of 10 foot tall monster did you think mother was?

Thanks for the cute part though.
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I don't know why anyone thought it was boring. I thought it was the best yet: not scripted yet not the regular show. Beyond KATG. Well done!

Patrice is definitely cute AND a badass.
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hey guys this is a silly way to introduce myself to the forums. yeah im vaughn. here are some photos from the Challenge. it was a bitch to keep that shit down. i had to do it with water. spooky looked like he was going to die. besides all that it was really fun being a part of this challenge.

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again, many LoLs

thanks guys!
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Awesome job patrice!!!! u got skillz!
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That was great! I liked when the puff of cinnamon shot out. I cracked up! I love these TV episodes!
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the episode was good. i dont like spooky though
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Originally Posted by deuce View Post
the episode was good. i dont like spooky though
right. because you have ADD, which means im boring. and you wont fight. and you regularly lose in verbal sparring matches with me because youre so predictable, i have like 4 canned responses that put you in your place.

fuck. i would hate my guts, too, were i you, deuce.
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awesome episode.

patrice rules.

i was surprised how much i liked all the different settings.. it's a cool glimpse into the different scenes of the real life katg world.

it felt very cinematic.

thumbs up.
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