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28: Coming to America

Patrice Callender, Chis Iacono, and Asie Mohterez talk about the culture clash of being raised ethnically diverse in America.

Hell & Heartaches

Chris Iacono

diet iced me

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A+ per usual

Sometimes during this I thought, "I must be ethnic!" Sometimes, that is. Mostly I was like, "Oy vey, gabagoush!"
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this was a fabulous episode. I loved hearing about how the households would be preparing for guests that never came. I wonder if it was this ultimate comparison to the Amercia from the 50's that became so idealized? (plastic covers for the sofa, anyone?)

And I could hear Patrice talk in her Trinidadian accent all day
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Originally Posted by stulagu View Post
And I could hear Patrice talk in her Trinidadian accent all day
I LOVE Patrice.

I miss the old days where she was on once a week.
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Originally Posted by andyoureuglytoo View Post
I LOVE Patrice.

I miss the old days where she was on once a week.
Me too!
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Originally Posted by Emelath View Post
Me too!
Me too

I think this was my favorite episode so far. I can feel myself identifying through my father's stories about his childhood - his parents were born and raised in Baghdad. My cousin and I are the first granddaughters of the family, and when we started learning reading and writing in the first grade, my Grandmother decided to learn it too.
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What a relief!

It was a breath of fresh air to listen to this show while on my way to group. It made me feel normal growing up as a Canadian-Haitian. YEP my parents are from Haiti and always thought not only my parents but Haitian parents all together are crazy.

The constant battle of old, Caribbean ways and I mean weird homemade remedies where Castor Oil heals EVERYTHING, the stove full of aluminum foil on the inside. Hard ass plastic on the couch, taking a bath with a bucket, IN THE BATHTUB (i'm cringing right now) and so much more.

Thank You Chemda for this show I appreciate it!
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