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71: Swingers

Swinging married couple Jason and Jess talk about going to sex parties together, watching each other having sex with other people, and The Lifestyle.

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Jason and Jess here

If anyone has any more question please feel free to ask.
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We are glad you enjoyed it. To answer your questions as best we can:
1. We prefer to show our faces in our picture but it's not necessary if you need some anonymity. We try to keep it a little classy, post enough to give people an actual idea of what you look like, head to toe. Don't hid something you don't like about yourself. The idea is to eventually meet people that see those pics so don't leave surprises for them.

2. Openly talk about it. During dinner or something flat out say what you want. If she doesn't like doing it, you wouldn't want her to anyway. If your 100% honest about what you want and so is she there is no room for misunderstanding or being left unfulfilled. Honesty and openness have led to the best sex of our lives!!

3. Not sure I understand the last one. Soldier date and get married all the time, so yes we are allowed to be intimate. Do you mean overseas while deployed? Technically your not supposed to bang whole deployed unless your married to that person. Swinging is technically against the rules too. There are military laws against adultery but Jess would have to take proof of my infidelity to my commander for me to get in trouble and that's not going to happen.

Hope those answered your question. Keep them coming.
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What a great episode - something I love about What's My Name is finding out about people, lifetyles, etc... that I haven't and probably never will encounter in my normal life.

Jason & Jess were so comfortable in every way which is crazy to me. Chemda was asking all the right questions and nothing was too taboo for them. Which is what I guess makes them perfectly fit for this type of lifestyle - being able to be completely open about everything they want, don't want and everything in between. I'd love to be able to have the complete openness that they share. I'm not talking about the lifestyle but just between the two of them - it's a beautiful thing.

Couple questions I don't remember being answered:

1) If either of you decided that you'd had enough of this lifestyle, do you think you would be able to stop or is this something you intend to live the rest of your lives?

2) Have you ever talked someone out of the lifestyle? Either because you know it won't suit them or that maybe you can see it leading to the detriment of their relationship? Or would you just not got involved?

3) Jason, have you been mistaken for Ash (Bruce Cambpell) from Evil Dead?

Thanks again for the show!
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Thanks for the thoughtful questions bw81

To try to answer your questions:

-Right now we intend to do this as long as it feels right to do. Both of us have total veto rights to stop everything at any time. Realistically, if one of us puts the brakes on and the other was still full speed ahead, obviously there would be a need for conversation but ultimately, ALL of the lifestyle is secondary to our relationship. Easy answer, if one is done, we are both done. We do it as a team or we don't do it at all.

-not 100% sure we understand this one. We talk to lots of couples. Some fully in the lifestyle and others just getting into it. We have been some couples first time (we like to think we are a good first time couple because of how slow and cautious we tend to be) and some couples last. We have turned down lots of hot couples because they were too risky (unstable, careless, unsure). We have almost always had good lifestyle experiences due to a cautious and carful approach to it.

-Haha, never Ash from evil dead but I like the association!! Mostly I get George Cloony right after rehab!!

Thanks again for the great questions. We like being positive representatives for the lifestyle.
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