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17: Klass Dismissed

Segment #1 Episode 100: KATG LIVE! (July 22 '05) - The groovy eccentric lovemuffins land a mention in a New York Times article about podcasting. They use the opportunity to take a few jabs at their favorite farmhouse contemporaries. (6:00 to 11:00)

Segment #2 Episode 120: Fire-Breathing Assholes (August 23 '05) - Ms. Bitch-Dog, Mr. Scrotum-Bag, and more stories of customer (dis)service. (22:30 to 32:00)

Segment #3 Episode 104: Cock and Balls (July 29 '05) - With Jason. Things are heating up in the KATG camp. Keith's standup enters rotation on XM, and the online version of the NY Times article includes an awkwardly produced video news package, generating the expected, incisive critique. Keith's brother, Mark, decides to fuck with the municipal authoritah. (15:00 to 22:30)

Segment #4 Episode 134: The Girl on PMS (September 12 '05) - There's no hot water in the co-op, and the old man decides to call and find out where he can take a much-needed post-gym shower. (BEGIN to 10:00)

Segment #5 Episode 105: Hatin' (August 1 '05) - Dan Klass asks for a retraction in the NY Times article, effectively killing the whole thing. Presumably. (BEGIN to 2:00)

Segment #6 Episode 110: Technical Difficulties (August 9 '05) - Dad, gay anthropologist and Harvey Feuerstein expert. (23:00 to 27:00)

Segment #7 Episode 106: Dan Klass is an Addict (August 2 '05) - It turns out the article and video were not deleted. Klass, in his own inimitable and retarded style, discusses the Times' article's devastating effect on his career. Keith and Chemda in turn dismantle him in their own inimitable style. And, yes, all roads lead back to Keith's dad. (BEGIN to 14:30, 43:00 to 47:00)

Segment #8 Episode 115: Parental Advisory (August 16 '05) - Wacky laws and cursing. (52:00 to 57:00)

Segment #9 Episode 108: Find Patrice a Job (August 4 '05) - With Patrice. Dan gets pwned on the KATG message board and then on his own forum. The balance of justice is restored in the world. (38:00 to 43:00)
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