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Segment #1 April 11, 2005 - Episode 27: Then Stop Acting Like Your Stereotype (approx. 37:55 to 48:45) Surf Reality stories, the nature of drug-inspired performance art, Feminism, the ex-roommates of Chemda, and the desperate measures a comic can take to win back a crowd.

Segment #2 April 5, 2005 - Episode 23: Pay Your Fuckin' Tab (approx. begin to 19:45) Movie and dinner with a cheap friend of a friend. Dating tactics, group dining, and the awkward beginnings of K & C as a couple.

Segment #3 March 23, 2005 - Episode 13: The Pat O'Brien Phone Sex Tapes (approx. 16:30 to 29:00) Keith talks with Chemda about his approach to stand-up comedy, their disdain for bringer shows, and the drudgery that pursuing a successful career in comedy can lead to eventually.

Segment #4 April 20, 2005 - Episode 34: Singers Wanted (approx. 33:00 to 38:10) Trivia with Keet.

Segment #5 May 3, 2005 - Episode 43: Ghetto Clue (approx. 42:50 to 51:20) Keith on the state of comedy: D.L. Hughley, repeating jokes, going to comedy special tapings and warm-up comics.

Segment #6 April 28, 2005 - Episode 40: Threats And Blessings (approx. 25:45 to 2730) Friend of a friend revisited with Patrice on back-up.
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