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21: The In or Out Club

Segment #1 Episode 139: Who's Sicker? (September 19 '05) - Keith gets sickyboos, and Chemda wanks herself arid. (BEGIN to 6:00)

Segment #2 Episode 96: Ray Visits (July 18 '05) - Ray visits with his brother and walks straight into the third degree. Craigslist hookups, Cytherea squirts, more sick shit on the internet, and the infamous eel video. (19:00 to 33:00, with edits)

Segment #3 Episode 92: Old Enough to Know Better (July 12 '05) - A tragic suicide story in the news leads to yet another hilarious excursion into Keith's formative years. The classic red flags for suicide and drug abuse. (BEGIN to 15:00, with edits)

Segment #4 Episode 98: What a Beach (July 20 '05) - More eely goodness, nummy-nummers. Chemda's sexy reenactment of the translation. Keith takes the first can I jerk to this? challenge. (BEGIN to 10:40)

Segment #5 Episode 133: Get Mad. Get Even. (September 9 '05) - A caller witnesses an altercation, spurring an exchange on street justice, vigilantism, and Samaritanism. Keith throws down some major foreshadowing. (17:30 to 29:00, with edits)

Segment #6 Episode 140: Satan Sucks (September 21 '05) - Does Chemda have vibration white finger from masturbating too much? She seems to think so, for a while anyway, possibly becoming the first documented case of nymphochondria. The segment regarding clown parties and retarded children that was used in the very first KATG animation. (32:00 to 42:00)
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