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Originally Posted by NilFC View Post
Really liked this episode, listened on podcast and then went back and watched the video. Aces.

What really strikes me is that I am going through the marathon right now, and this TTSWD looks back at the hour 11-12ish that I am listening to now. Danny is (was) a wreck, and is talking about all the downs of 2012 and the crap he is going through... it is like night and day hearing the same guy a year later.

Danny, you had a great year and I hope it keeps going. You remind me of when I went through similar stuff around age 22/23 -- left home town, met up with a group of people who liked me for me, discovered a lot about who I am and why that is good, and all that jazz. It sounds good on you. All the best for 2014.
Thank you everyone for all of your kind words. Your support means the world to me. Thanks so much for helping make 2013 the best year for my show yet.

All of my haters can drop dead.
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"I liked you better a year ago when you were dying." - Danny to Keith.
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I can really sympathise with Danny. When you have a certain bunch of songs or albums that really mean something to you and you try to show someone else what you are talking about it never goes well.

I've got a friend who placates me and will listen to whatever I throw on after I've had a few drinks and am waxing lyrical as to why these 3 seconds of this particular song are incredible. I'm not a lyrics guy so its even harder to explain how a guitar line can crush me.

We all love music and there are certain elements to music that can be appreciated easily by everyone; the beat, the melody, its cadence, etc... but once your own personal emotion ties to a song, it can be really hard to share that without seeming insane.

Good thing too, because it was fuckin hilarious to see Keith, Chemda and Myka take all of 1.5 seconds to destroy each song.

The tease of a show or shows being cancelled... :O
R.I.P. Rhian - fuck da ghetto!

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