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72: RIP Shitty Jim's Terrible Shitty Condoms

GOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING VIETNAM!!! Welcome back to That’s the Show with Danny, YOUR source for live breaking news in the NYC metro area! What a great show we’ve got for you folks this week! Michael Khalili and Marisela Arias, the behind-the-scenes gurus of the KATG scene, do Danny the honor of appearing on mic and demonstrating the fact that they are fantastic in-front-of-the-scenes talent too. This is one of our best episodes in recent memory, ladies and gentlemen. I am honestly envious of you getting to listen to it for the first time. This episode is dedicated to Shitty Jim’s Terrible Shitty Condoms, and the memory of its founder, “Shitty” Jim Shittington. Shitty Jim’s was an American institution from 1791 to 2014 and we are devastated by the loss of both Jim and his fine shitty products. We wish you the best in this world and the next, Jim. Godspeed. This obituary sponsored by Shitty Jean’s Terrible Shitty Female Condoms.

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14:35 "I agree with everything you just said except the word think.... I know I can because I've done it and it's bad news bears"

Sweet baby hungry lenten abstaining Jesus!!! Danny is a Shakespearean version of idiot savant.

The fine line between self depreciating humor vs blatant ridicule this shows demonstrates defies logic and science. This show could convert atheists because divine intervention is the only explanation.
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I can't really put my finger on why I loved this ep.

Maybe it was the synergistic mix of the usual 3 plus M&M. Maybe it was the vast spectrum of topics lightly discussed - like an audio version of a sushi train. Little bits, each delighting your ears and 30 mins after you've finished, you want more.

I for one, hope Danny's shrink not only doesn't fix the fucker, but makes him worse. Hoping that someone's life is potentially destroyed so I can continue to laugh may seem somewhat selfish on the surface, but in my defense, fuck you.

I have two words for Michael - Myth TV. Fucking awesome. Throw in a cheapo NAS (like a QNAP) and a capture card for FTA recording (Hauppage make some good ones) and you're good to go.
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Would he need a TGIF bios?
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Only if his Applebees BIOS is corrupted.
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Finally decided my first post on the forums after lurking for (6! years) should be to comment on Danny's show.
I loved the episode. Michael and Marisela were great guests.

But here's my main reason for commenting.. Danny, as an avid reader I love when you recommend books. I need something new to read, so when you said you were recommending a book again I paused the show and opened the Kindle search engine. When I started the show again and sat ready to type in the title, I got so disappointed when you recommended Skippy Dies - which you already recommended on the show back in september. Granted the book is awesome and everybody who missed it the first time should check it out, but I still feel I should ask if you could give a bonus recommendations?

Now you go
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I'm an asshole! Sorry! Here's a book that was at one point one my absolute favorite (and I still love it a lot).
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Nah, you're not an asshole. Bet you just tried to trick us to see if we actually follow up on the stuff you recommend.
Just bought the book!
My weekend is officially saved. Thank you
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"And now you go" kills me everytime!! Love it !!
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Magnificent episode, great work everybody, especially Michael and Marisela and also especially Danny, and also especially Keith, especially as Danny's therapist.

Originally Posted by Sorin Markov View Post
"And now you go" kills me everytime!! Love it !!
Love it too!! It was already funny when it was a Keith thing, but hearing the others say it kicked up up another notch on the funny notch thing.
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