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10: Happy Anniversary To Me!

The Brolo teaches how listening will get you everything, which of course is every thang!

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Brother Love is seriously my personal Jesus. Aces 13!
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Happy anniversary Brolo! Another enjoyable episode. Also, Brolo's method is what social workers do in order to get necessary information out of their clients to determine how to best help them. I find that interesting that he uses this considering his mother was a social worker as well

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My Mother was a great listener for sure!

tanks for the Love!!!!!
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Appreciate the kind words Dean!
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I love your show Brother Love. Regarding the lady who wants to go everywhere with her boyfriend, there were a couple more points you could give the guy.

1. Not only does it change the head he's in when his girl is there, it will change the head of all the other guys there. He may be completely fine saying anything in front of his girlfriend, but his friends may not and that could lead to fewer invitations or her feeling upset about what they will or will not say in her presence.

2. With the last episode being titled Let's Sext!, how could you not tell him to go that route while he's out. When me and my wife are out separately, we will text each about once an hour, and it is always about what we're going to do to each other when we are home together.

He can tell her (In my best Brolo impression), "Baby, text me all night long with all the naughty things you want me to do to you when I get home." I bet he won't come home a minute late, maybe even early, and she'll know she's on his mind. If one of his guy-dude-bros grabs the phone and tries to figure out what the hell he's texting about all night, they'll see a steady stream of texts that really will earn her the "Best Girlfriend In The World" title.
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Psycho! - Good Points fo sho!
You start a show - I'll get PSYCHO on you!
ha ha

Much Love
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I don't know if Brolo knows what the word anniversary means, but we definitely already received over a year of lessons about life and love within 10 shows.

Those aces continue to be bodangin', and we're very excited to have this show as part of the line-up.
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Wheat pasta is garbage. But that whole grain sugar is crackalackin'.
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