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47: The Dirty Things

Southern accents, racism, women, cocaine, and booze.

The Dirty Things

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Questions from fans:

Dear Brother Love,

Man, oh man! I pre-shat you! Proud oh you boy!

Lol. The South. Loved BroLo's intro. It had me dying of laughter. "Everyone's sayin' Happy New Years! I'm tired of it. I can't wait till it's Happy Valentines Day. Get it over with. Then you might make someone cry! haha.

This going right into your breakdown of Southern peoples and eats and what's doin' and all. Awesome storytelling. Very funny. Most interesting. Keep up the great shows.

Oh. I have a question maybe you can answer on your show. As a Northern boy, I'd be lying if I didn't admit to being a bit prejudice against Southerners. There's something about the Confederate Flag and Southern Pride; I will not and cannot ever understand. This being said, a woman with a southern accent is the hottest fucking thing - ever. I love that shit. I hear a gal w/ that accent, (which is super rare up here in Montana) and I just melt.

So, BroLo, I gotta ask. Why is the Southern accent so sexy?

Can't wait to hear you on the KatG Marathon...


Enunciated Piffle

Dear Brother Love,
Hi I'm robinmx in the forums, 33 yrs old, straight old listener back when the first appearances of Patrice, give a lot of shits about this email (not my first)

Here it goes...

First a little background story

on't Know if this goes here... here it goes
First a little background story

*My wife and I have been married for 5 years we have a 2 yr old boy
*Before having a baby we had some problems and did go to therapy, it worked. *Bought a house, car, the whole works.
*I got an opportunity to work in Seattle Wa, this meant a better life for us.
*We quit our jobs, rent the house, ready to go... nothing happen, so stress all over the place.
*We go to therapy again this time, sexual therapy there was no Chemistry between us *2 sessions in and, I got a New job,
*but wait,Seattle calls again...
*my response was no, but after some talking we said yes (or so I thought)
*She only said yes because she didn't have want to break my heart. (she told me later) *Things were already in motion, so here I'm at Seattle (beautiful city)

And we jump to Now.

It has been hard, on both of us, there are sometimes I wan to leave everything and be with my wife and son, but I still believe this is a better opportunity for us all. I think a lot about “was it the right time for me to go?” “What would've happened if I'd stayed?” and to be honest I thought sometimes it was a mistake.

A lot has been said, about what we feel, and finally I got her excited about coming in.

1 month in... this weekend (mlk) go to see them, she looked beautiful as hell, lost some weight got in shape... but cold, very cold towards me. So then we fight, about why wouldn't I wanted to stayed more at the wedding (the reason I visit) and I wanted to be with her a little alone time, but since she's not working just taking care of our son, she wants to live it up.

So I was so mad, and we start a fight, in the middle of the fight she saids “I need a break”, “you need to be with other women” so yeah I was shocked and I asked “really?” while thinking, “we've tried everything...” and she replied “I feel trapped, I want to feel free”. So I agreed in some way. We said things that we needed to say, end of discussion.

Next day it hit me... “wait a minute... if I sleep with other women, she can sleep with other man” and boom my head starts spinning, “what if she already has another man line up?” “ What if she already did it”, and I start to remember a lot of things that now seem suspicious. So with no time to be alone, I brew this feelings for a day.

Morning comes, and I'm leaving, so I go for it. I don't want to be with other women, I want to be with my wife, I want to solve things. Is there a secret intention to this? So I asked, turns out she has “someone” in mind, to be exact, she said “the idea of someone”, He doesn't Know, he's married, they talked all the time, he has been of great support for her, and she's alone and bored having needs so...

That's what this break is all about I'm thinking and I said it to her, I had a hole “brewing” day as calm as possible I tell her that I don't Know how to handle a “open marriage” and I feel betrayed, because it has been hard for me too, hard to concentrate, hard to focus, a lot of things have to get done before they move in with me, I'm depressed most of the time... and my only goal is to have them here. And she's thinking about sex with another man? Just because she has needs? If this is “meaningless” sex to her, why does she need a break? To not feel guilty? And she tells me something like “at the end I'll be with you” c'mon!! I love her but that makes me feel less of a man (I did told her everything I'm writing). Bottom line, I said to her “if you make a move” tell me, if you feel like you have to, but there's consequences to your actions, I might not know now, but maybe in a few years I'll do, and it will be worse, maybe in these days I 'm ok with an “open” marriage. I want to Know, but I don't want to, at the same time.... I'm confused. So does she, she tells me to “take us to Seattle now”. But I can't (money wise) =(

Now I'm spying her every move, and it's exhausting... I can't focus.I have some suspicion on who this guy is... I'm going nuts, and my performance at work is reflecting it, but at this point I don't care, Fire me!!!

I feel angry, jealous, disappointed, want to punch somebody in the face,(this guy to be exact) and I'm so far away I can do shit... I'll get a house for them to live with me, but... do I want to? Does she wants to move in? What does she want?.

I want to be with her, but I can't if she has been with another man, or can I? I mean, for some work...

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"Stay sick. Don't get well." -- The Mountain Goats (shut up.)
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Juan wanted his marriage question answered in TWO places?

Oh boy...
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It sounded though you were channelling Ol' Dirty Bastard in the intro to this episode Brolo!

BrotherLove likes this.

Last edited by bw81; 02-10-2014 at 11:25 PM.
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Ya got me Brian!!!
That's who I am ALWAYS trying to channel
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